General Information

What is Mathematics Schalarship Examination ?
Mathematics Scholarship Examination is a Competitive Examination conducted by the Institute for Promotion of Mathematics for various standards where the mathematical skills, mental ability, calculation speed, critical analysis and accuracy of a child & application of short-cut methods are tested.

Who Is Eligible ?
Any student studying in Stds.II to IX of any Recognised school with S.S.C, I.C.S.E or C.B.S.E & I.B or any othere Board pattern is eligible to appear for the All India Open Mathematics Schalarship Examination.

Age Limit:
For Std.II : Students must NOT have completed 9 years of age.
For Std.III : Students must NOT have completed 10 years of age.
For Std.IV : Students must NOT have completed 11 years of age.
For Std.V : Students must NOT have completed 12 years of age.
For Std.VI : Students must NOT have completed 13 years of age.
For Std.VII : Students must NOT have completed 14 years of age.
For Std.VIII : Students must NOT have completed 15 years of age.
For Std.IX : Students must NOT have completed 16 years of age.
A Student can appear for Mathematics Scholarship Examination for the class only in which he is studying during the academic year, even if his age permits for lower class.

Medium of Examination:
English and Marathi

Nature of Examination:
The students appearing for the Mathematics Schalarship Examination will be tested in Mathematics only.The question paper will consists of 50 questions, of 2 marks each. The entire paper will be objective in nature ,i.e. each question will be supported by four alternative answers. The duration of the examination will be 75 minutes for final examination. Students are requested to study the OMR answer sheet available on
About the OMR( Optical Mark Reader) Technology:
The Institute for Promotion of Mathematics has introduced the computerized method of correcting the objective natured question papers, using the OMR technology. The OMR technology enables to correct the answers quickly, accurately, with analysis of any sort e.g. incorrect, correct, missing, percentile, percentage of student answering correctly a particular question etc.
How to Answer the Questions on the OMR Answer Sheet:
Answer to the questions are provided in one of the four circles beside the question number. Only one of the four circles contain the correct answer, Students are required to darken the correct circle containing the option number with a blue or black ball point pen on the OMR Answer sheet provided separately, in such a way that the number in the circle is not visible. For more details see the sample of the OMR Answer Sheet available on
Books and Syllabus & Past Question Papers:
Prescribed text books for the Mathematics Scholarship Examination, Past Question Paper’s & Solved Question Paper’s have been published by the Institute for all the classes ( II to IX ) . The Books will be made available at the respective schools ( on order by school or parents ) and also at the Institute's Office. The prescribed syllabus for all the classes will be covering the regular school syllabus but will be of an advanced level. For a sample Question Paper of your respective standerd visit

The Institute will conduct the Mathematics Scholarship Examination in the following structure:

(i) Final Examination:
All candidates who have applied for the Mathematics Scholarship Examination will compulsorily have to appear for the Final Examination. Based on the performance at the Final Examination the Top 400/500 students will qualify for the Mega-Finals.Those remaining absent for the final examination will not be allowed to appear Mega-Final.
Note: There is No Negative Marking System for the Final Examination.

The selected 400/500 students from the Final Exam of each class will qualify and appear for the
Mega-Final .The Scholarship Awards and Prizes will be based on the performance at the Mega-Final.
In case of tie in the Mega-Final, the marks of the Final Exam will be considered for the tie-break.
In case of an unresolved tie the students will be given the same ranking and the prize money will be shared equally.
1. Negative Marking System will be applied for the Mega-Final. ½ mark will be deducted for every wrong answer.
2. The Mega-Final Examination will be conducted at Pune and Mumbai only.
3. The selected candidates will have to bear their own expenses to appear for the Mega-Final.

Passing Marks:
Students scoring 30% and above at the M.S.E. will be declared as successful candidates. Scholarships will be awarded to students who score a minimum of 60% marks or above as per the Merit-List of the first 200/250 students as declared in the prizes . Although a student can appear for the Mathematics Scholarship Examination pertaining to higher class other than his own, he will be eligible for a Rank only in the class to which he belongs. All scholarships and prizes in money are distributed through crossed cheques dated 15th August. Parents/Students are requested to deposit the cheques within six months from 15th August.

The results of the Final Examination will be hosted on the internet within One month of the date of examination.The mark sheet and certificates will be sent to school. Students are requested to visit our website, to stay well information about the institute activities.

Rechecking of Marks:
On payment of prescribed fee of Rs. 50/-, along with an application for rechecking, the xerox copy of the student' s answer sheet and the correct answer sheet will be mailed at the given address. The application for rechecking of marks should be made within 15 days after the declaration of the results.

Date of Final Examination and Mega Final Examination:
The Final Scholarship Exam
will be held on Third sunday of April.
Mega Final, will be conducted on First/Secound of July. No request from any parent / student will be entertained for the changes of date of the Examination. For exact dates check our website
The Director reserves the right to change the dates / centre of examination under unavoidable circumstances.

Examination Fee: The Examination fee for the Final and Mega Final of the Mathematics Scholarship Examination will be as follows:

Class Examination Fee
II,III,IV,V,VI,VII,VIII & IX Rs.300/-(Rs.Three hundred only)

Prescribed Application Forms are to be submitted along with the necessary Fee. The application form is provided along with this prospectus.
The fee can be paid in Cheque/Draft only. drawn in favour of, "Institute for Promotion of Mathematics". In case of dishonour of cheque Rs.150/- will have to be paid by the drawer of the cheque to the Institute towards bank and administrative charges.
Note. Outstation students other than Pune and Mumbai will remit fees by Draft only.

Last Date for Submission of Application Forms:
Application forms duly filled in must be submitted to the Institute's office by 31st December. Incomplete forms will be rejected. Fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.
Late Fees:
Application forms submitted after the last date will be accepted along with the Late Fee of Rs 100/- up to 15th January.
Hall Ticket,Seat Number & Center for Examination:
The Hall Ticket bearing the seat number, timing and the Centre for Examination will be posted on our website 30 days prior to the date of the examination. In case the Hall Ticket is not received by the student he/she must contact the Institute's office immediatety.
The Director reserves the right to delete or add any other centers at his discretion. In case of unavailibity of center at any District ,the student's will have to appear for the exam at Pune/Mumbai only.

Our Publications
Sr.No. Title of the Book Meduim Prize

* Demand Draft for books/question papers to be drawn in favour of 'Aditya Book Sellers'.
* Before ordering for books please confirm with the office about the postal / courier charges.

Sample Questions

Sample Questions for Std IV
Q.1. Gandhi Jayanti in the year 2002 fell on Wednesday On what day was Children's Day Celebrate in the same year?
[1]Wednesday     [2]Thrusday     [3]Sunday     [4]Friday
Q.2. In how many ways can we write the number 36 as the product of two numbers?
[1]7     [2]4     [3]5     [4]6
Q.3. By how much is XIV greater than VI?
[1]7     [2]10     [3]8     [4]6

Sample Questions for Std.V
Q.1. Simplify: 4[21+{5+6x(7 3)}]
[1]200     [2]250     [3]128     [4]512
Q.2. The area of the square is 196 what will be its perimeter?
[1] 56cm     [2]392cm     [3]14cm     [4]49cm
Q.3.Which of the following pairs of angles are supplementary?
[1]60,130     [2]45 ,135     [3]35,55     [4]50,120

Sample Questions for Std.VI
Q.1. Find the smallest number dividing 4375 to give a perfect square.
[1]5     [2]15     [3]7     [4]3
Q.2. 15 is 60% of what number?
[1]20     [2]25     [3]30     [4]40
Q.3.Which is the greatest number of the following:-8,-250,-600,-3,-99,-130
[1]-600     [2]-8     [3]-3     [4]-250

Sample Questions for Std.VII
Q.1. The average weight of 6 men increases by 2.5kg when a new person comes in place of one them weighing 65 kg What is the weight of the new man?
[1]67.5kg     [2]62.5kg     [3]80kg     [4]50kg
Q.2. Which set of fractions from the given is arranged in the descending order of their values?
[1]5/7 11/12 9/10     [2]9/10 5/7 11/12     [3]11/12 5/7 9/10     [4]11/12 9/10 5/7
Q.3. A trader allows a discount of 5% for cash payment.How much % above the cost price must he mark his goods to make a profit of 14%?
[1]20%     [2]18%     [3]15%     [4]25%

Sample Questions for Std.VIII
Q.1. (7)^3x(7)^-10=(7)^10x+3 then x=?
[1]-1     [2]1     [3]3     [4]10
Q.2. If 1/8th of a pencil is black the remaining is white and remaining 3.5cm is blue then the total length of the pencil is?
[1]6cm     [2]7cm     [3]8cm     [4]11cm
Q.3.If a b=3 and a^2+b^2=29 then ab=?
[1]9     [2]18     [3]20     [4]10

Sample Questions for Std.IX
Q.1. If 'M' and 'N' are disjoint sets, then n(M U N) =?
[1]n(M)+n(N)     [2]n(M)     [3]n(N)     [4]Cannot be determined
Q.2. If a Right angled Triangle ABC m
[1]AB     [2]BC     [3]AC     [4]cannot be determined
Q.3.What is the angle between the minute hand and the hour hand of a clock at 3:33?
[1]108.5     [2]72.5     [3]91.5     [4]89.5